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The Game of Music Knowledge

Written by Tommy Darker of Darker Music Talks.

I see musicians every day making decisions concerning their career. They choose to do this instead of that and invest on this instead of taking no action at all.

Being an independent musician myself, I make decisions every day too. I realized, when you’re your own boss and have the vision to prosper making art, the gravity of your decisions shows the direction you’ll take in a world full of possibilities.

I see the world as a game, where every decision doesn’t kill us, but gives our lives a different twist and nuance, which we’ll have to follow until we make the next decision.

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Some decisions are made driven my reason and some by emotions. Some being patient, awaiting the long-term results, and some instantly, giving us our fix. Some affect us drastically and can’t erase the results, some entail minor risks that bring easily reversible results.

How do we make decisions about our music career though? What is the rationale and how wisely do we spend our time and attention?

The answer is information. We make decisions based on the information we have about the world around us, which shape our reality and perception.

Sometimes we follow the cues and trust what others are doing, accepting that they are right. Sometimes we choose the hard way and do the research ourselves, trying to find our own truth.

Sometimes we’re so convinced we are on track, leading us to dogmatic behavior (and maybe we’re right, who knows?), sometimes we are sure we don’t know everything, making space for resilience and education.

What is the point of education in the music world? What is an uninformed and knowledge-resisting musician missing out from this ecosystem that we call ‘the music industry’?

Having these thoughts in mind, I decided last January to follow my vision and initiate the first Darker Music Talks, a meetup of music experts and independent musicians in a room, where everyone learns something new through discussion. On a rainy Monday afternoon in London, 18 musicians showed up and saw Andrew Dubber talking about Music in the Digital Age. Then a constructive discussion followed.

Including Marcus Taylor and Leena Sowambur, we’ve welcomed great speakers who shared their insights with musicians and music entrepreneurs hungry for knowledge and communication. London is the hub where everything starts, soon to expand in other cities in the UK, envisioning to create events that will have no geographical boarders, so everyone can attend and discuss.

The goal is to create the biggest e-library of discussions regarding the music ecosystem, where each musician will find the knowledge and resources they want, for free.

After all, information is what creates our perception and the way we shape what we see, and choices are driven by this reality. Being fully informed about the music world and other people’s mindset is the single best investment we can do to ourselves. A gift that will take us a long way and will fuel decisions for more interesting paths, unconditional art, genuine communication of our message to people and positive vibes.

Darker Music Talks is open for everyone to attend, find out where the next discussions take place.

// Tommy

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