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Fandistro: A Socially Responsible Way to Promote Music?

While browsing the floor at MIDEM this year, I came across an interesting company called Fandistro who help artists promote their music while supporting charities.

But it wasn’t the charitable twist that caught my attention. It was their slogan:
1 artist + 20 fans + 80 posts = 390 new fans

Anything that claims to increase the size of your fanbase by almost 2,000% is enough to make me curious.

So here’s how it works: you upload and launch your song on Fandistro just like any on other service. Then you promote your song to your existing fans as usual.

Here’s where it gets interesting: each fan gets a unique URL to share your song. If someone else purchases the song via the fan’s unique URL, 20% of the sale is sent to a charity in the fan’s name. 80% of the sale goes back to the artist.

And for the skeptics asking ‘does it actually work?’, it appears so:

This artist has 353 fans ‘distroing’ (sharing) their track, which has generated 343 new fans. In Fandistro terms, a fan is defined as someone who engages with the artist (shares their music, purchases a song etc). These fans have raised a total of £2.38 for their charity. While this might not seem like much, if plenty of artists used their platform it could collectively be quite a respectable donation.

Fandistro has dubbed itself as a ‘socially responsible music distribution platform’, and while I think there’s a long way ahead for them in terms of how the platform works and integrates with other music promotion services, i’m fully behind the concept and hope that more artists use these kinds of forward-thinking music promotion platforms.

It’s refreshing to see companies like Fandistro, Reverbnation (with their ‘Music for Good‘ campaign), and Fair Share Music, focusing on how musicians can leverage the power of altruism in fans to both help good causes, while supporting artists in their music careers.

If you’ve tried Fandistro.com already I’d love to hear how you found it and whether your results were anything like the 20 fans generating 390 new fans! As always, leave your comments below.

About Marcus Taylor

In 2013, Marcus Taylor won the award for 'Young Visionary of the Year' at MIDEM. Marcus is passionate about marketing and the music industry, and has consulted to some of the biggest names in the music industry through his agency, Venture Harbour. Marcus founded this website in 2009, and has reached over half a million musicians ever since.

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