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9 Best Studio Monitor Stands

This blog post is written by Michael Keel, sound engineer at Spine Studios

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a studio monitor stand. First of all, it needs to be sturdy and strong enough to hold a monitor. In some cases the monitor stand may need to be portable, which means that you will need to search for a studio monitor stand that is fairly light weight without compromising strength.

Value for money is also an important consideration. It is also a good idea to select a stand that is adjustable, while some stands can be fixed onto the wall to provide extra space. It is worth taking the time to select a top quality studio monitor stand that will be able to meet your needs. Here is a selection of nine of the best.

JamStands JS-MS70 Studio Monitor Stands

This pack of two stylish monitor speaker stands features a stable platform and comes complete with thick non-stick straps. The extremely stable low-profile base of each of the stands can be positioned easily into tight spaces, while the special locking pin provides a range of accurate and stable height positions. Select from a total of four different positions depending on the requirements of the room you are working in. The levelling floor spikes are ideal for carpeted areas, while rubber feet are included for tile and hard wood surfaces.


Adam Hall SKDB039 Monitor Speaker Stand

The height of this modern monitor speaker stand is fully height adjustable from 91 to 150cms and five positions are available with 12cms in between each position. This means that the monitor speaker stand from Adam Hall is extremely versatile and is sure to suit individual requirements. The stand is very strong and can support a weight of up to 35kgs. The special triangular foot is designed to provide extra support, while the plastic feet ensure that the floor will not be marked by the stand.

Samson SAMS100 Studio Monitor Stand


This pack of two professional grade isolated monitor stands features an innovative telescoping column that provides smooth and easy height adjustment. Six different heights are provided and the desired height can be secured with a special locking pin that is accompanied by a large screw. The all steel frame is of the highest quality and two anti-slip vibration reducing rubber strips provide extra support. The adjustable vise style speaker bracket has been designed to perfectly fit most studio monitors and the heavy base comes complete with carpet spikes. The user friendly design of the Samson SAMs100 stand makes using it quick and simple and full support is provided throughout use.

Quik Lok BS/300 Straight Monitor Stand

The Quik Lok monitor stand is ideal for a range of different locations including professional recording studios and home use. The entire structure is made from high quality steel and features an innovative arc welded construction. The solid triangular base features adjustable levelling floor spikes that can be adjusted to provide a level platform for uneven flooring. The sturdy and strong metal top plate gives safe and steady support at all times, while the stand is available in a special baked on, non reflective and scratch resistant black enamel finish. In addition, the steady three point triangle base comes complete with adjustable floor spikes, which without doubt makes this among the most flexible and rugged speaker stands around.

Pyle-Pro PSTND13 Monitor Speaker Stand


This pair of 13 inch monitor speaker stands boasts an attractive design that perfectly incorporates cable management to provide a tidy finish. In addition to standing freely, the stand can be attached to a bookshelf if desired to provide extra space and can be used in a professional recording studio or in the home. The vertical columns of the monitor speaker stand can be sand loaded in order to deaden sound while increasing stability if desired. The stand is of a heavy duty steel construction that boasts an attractive black finish.

Ultimate Support MS-90/36B Column Studio Monitor Stand

This brand new 36 inch studio monitor stand features sonic isolation and decoupling and is created from the highest quality materials. Three internal channels provide high level cable and weight management, which the entire stand utilises an innovative Ultimate Support design. The column monitor stand offers special internal cable management channels as well as 6000 Series aluminium construction. The award-winning design perfectly combines both form and fashion and makes this item highly usable and desirable. Modern studio owners are sure to love the contemporary look of this monitor speaker stand, while veteran engineers will appreciate the stand’s solid build and tweak-ability.

OnStage SMS6000 Studio Monitor Stand


This light weight yet very sturdy monitor speaker stand is specially designed to be portable. The three point triangle base comes complete with levelling floor spikes and the stand breaks down into three easily carriable pieces. The stand is designed to hold up to 90 pounds, while the special security pin locks the stand at the desired height.
The stand is height adjustable from 36 to 52 inches, while the top platform is large enough to hold bulky speakers safety and securely in place. The levelling spikes that can be found in the base are designed to compensate for uneven floor surfaces, while the entire base is extremely stable.

Novopro SMS100 Studio Monitor Stand

This professional studio monitor stand boasts an elegant design and a stable leg support stem. This is the ideal monitor stand for professional audio, lighting and visual marketplaces the stand comes with four rubber support feet that the monitor can be mounted on if desired, while the height is easily adjustable from 70 to 115cms. The load capacity is 25kgs, while the net weight of the studio monitor stand is just 3,32kgs, which makes it very portable.

Ekho Professional Studio Monitor Speaker Stand


This high quality steel monitor speaker stand can be adjusted from 74cms to 114cms as desired and features a professional mountain frame. ElectroMarket cable tie is included to provide extra stability and support, while the stand comes complete with a two year warranty.

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