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13 Best WordPress Themes for Bands & Musicians

When it comes to starting a blog or website for your band, one of the hardest aspect can be finding a nice theme that fits your brand and visually sells your music.

Here are 13 of the best WordPress themes for bands, musicians, DJs or people wanting a music themed blog/website. All of the themes are responsive and all very popular. Each has its own quality, feature or benefit that helps raise it above the competition.

1. Vellum – $60 (Preview)


The design has a touch of class that a truly organic band or musician would enjoy. It is not a design for the techno synthesizer crowd. A mention should be made for the image quality that the design employs, as well as a navigation system that initially looks like it may be trouble, only for it to be as smooth as butter when you actually give it a go. It has more features than Disney World and most are quite useful.

2. Iron Band – $45 (Preview)


It was built with a music theme in mind, though the design they have implemented in the preview makes it appear like more of a niche site. But, customize it for your own band or music and a country band will sit just as well on the site as a heavy metal band. It has a built in MP3 player and they have made it very easy to customize so that a band may promote, educate and thrill the fans on the same website.

3. Cassia – $45 (Preview)


This is ideal for musicians and bands because it is optimized for music posts, which allows you to embed music from Spotify and Soundcloud. You can make use of mixed sidebars and full-page features, meaning you can have more than two sidebar menus without it looking blocky. It is also good for the fact that it keeps things simple without the content management system design “feel/look” that many WordPress themes exhibit.

4. Rock4Life – $40 (Preview)


This design was built for musicians and bands. It has a skeleton design that is crying out for music-themed flesh to the point where it is hard to create a poor looking music-themed website. The animations are subtle but beautiful and its keeps things simple yet very stylish. It has a HTML5 audio player and a filterable gallery too.

5. Muse – $45 (Preview)


This is another theme that was built for a music theme. They have made it easy to pack a lot of navigation links into a small space without it looking cluttered. Note though, you should slow down the slideshow/gallery flipping function on the homepage or your viewers may feel a little seasick. You can see how well optimized it is for touch screen devices, especially when it comes to the slideshow.

6. Szia – $40 (Preview)


This is a cleverly designed single page website that allows you to make very effective page transitions from one to the next without it feeling as if you are reading a cheap e-book. It also has plenty of animations that add a subtle edge to the website. Setting up is easier than it appears, even if you know nothing about targeting HREF on the same page because it does it all for you.

7. MediCenter – $45 (Preview)


Despite being created with a medical theme in mind, it actually converts very well to a website that bands could use to promote themselves and their next tour. Change departments to band members and timetable to schedule and you are half way there. Just like Muse, you should slow down the slideshow/gallery flipping function on the homepage because the preview version is a little too quick.

8. Netstudio – $55 (Preview)


A single musician or DJ could make good use of this template. It has a great navigation system that is going to allow you to add a tremendous amount of pages without navigation becoming a nightmare. If you are a passionate musician or DJ then you are going to be able to educate a lot of people with this type of website.

9. Sterling – $55 (Preview)


As a website, it is not going to knock the socks off your viewers, but it is popular because it is so search engine friendly, plus it is great if you are selling tracks or CDs too. The preview shows you an impressive list of features you can enjoy with the template.

10. Qaween – $45 (Preview)


It may seem nuts using a wedding day template for a band, but a few groups have usurped the template functions for music functions very well. The RSVP timer may become a countdown timer for your next gig, and the events page may be your performance schedule. It is also easy as pie to install videos and audio both from your own server and from the biggest media-orientated social media networks (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Screenr, etc).

11. Optimas – $40 (Preview)


It is a clean and search engine friendly template for people that do not want to build a quick website that is easy to SEO (Search Engine Optimize). They have also installed a lot of social media network functions very subtly.

12. Website – $45 (Preview)


It is a highly responsive template with very useful shortcodes and some useful social media elements you can play with. It is easy to convert into a musician- or band-friendly website without too much trouble or fuss.

13. Slowave – $45 (Preview)


You can choose to have a full-bodied website or a single page website. This template gets a mention because it uses flat design and building on the template is very intuitive. Though one of the best selling points for musicians is how easily it allows you to add in videos and how good they look when they are installed in the page. You can also add videos and then sharing buttons underneath so that people promote your music videos for you.

Need more inspiration? Here’s an enormous list of beautiful premium wordpress themes, and another list of some visually stunning portfolio themes, which you could easily customise to create a powerful band website.

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