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Why You Need to Meet Musicians Like You

We know that success in the music industry relies to some degree on ‘who you know’.
That reality naturally poses the question of ‘how can I meet people who will make me a successful musician?’

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The type of people who probably spring to mind are highly connected managers, record label executives, venue promoters, and other big-time music business professionals who work alongside successful musicians on a day-to-day basis.

However, have you ever considered that the best people to meet might be other musicians just like you?

  • Other musicians like you will be able to get you access to music business professionals they know, which is easier than trying to meet those professionals directly.
  • Other musicians like you will have a better idea of what you’re going through and will be in a better position to recommend tips and advice on promoting your music and developing your music career, as they will be doing the same thing, too.
  • Other musicians like you will have access to an audience who could also be your fans. By meeting and befriending them, you have access to their fan base through collaborating, or doing a cross-promotion.

This blog post is introducing my new book Get Noticed, which is a how to guide on getting noticed by people who will make you successful. Get Noticed will launch on Thursday 20th October.

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Perhaps most importantly, other musicians like you aren’t going to want your money, they’re happy being your friend because you share interests, values, and can help promote each other’s music.
As a musician myself, founder of this website and a former record label manager, I’ve met a heck of a lot of musicians and music business folks, and the ones who I’ve kept in better touch with are musicians, simply because they’re friends, not business acquaintances. Friendship involves longevity.

How Can You Meet More Musicians Like You?

You know me by now, I don’t like giving advice without an actionable to-do list that’ll get you kickin’ ass. In Get Noticed there Is a process called ‘The ACE Process’, which is a process that if followed allows you to meet any single person on this planet. Let me give you the basics:

  • To meet someone you must be in their ‘Zone of Awareness’ i.e. the same geographical or virtual location as them.
  • They must be accessible to socialise.
  • You must initiate conversation with them.
  • You must engage them into a long-term relationship.

That is a simplified description of The ACE Process (for a more detailed explanation see the website). What this means is that the first step to meeting more musicians is to be in the same place as them: go to their gigs.

You have to make them accessible, so rather than standing in the crowd waiting for an opportune moment to go up and speak to them, send them an e-mail or a tweet prior to the gig telling them you’d be interested in chatting before or after the show about a cross-promotion.

From then on onwards it’s your job to genuinely help them achieve their goals and develop them as a friend, only then will you truly develop your network with like-minded musicians.

About Marcus Taylor

In 2013, Marcus Taylor won the award for 'Young Visionary of the Year' at MIDEM. Marcus is passionate about marketing and the music industry, and has consulted to some of the biggest names in the music industry through his agency, Venture Harbour. Marcus founded this website in 2009, and has reached over half a million musicians ever since.

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