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Where in the world are the proactive musicians?

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Over the years I have heard many musicians say things like “We need to get on the London music scene to get our music noticed” and while this may seem obvious due to the larger number of music venues and music industry contacts in this area, there appears to be an online trend too, suggesting that musicians in major cities are more proactive in searching for musician resources and information about the music industry online.
I have decided to share with you some of The Musician’s Guides visitor statistics for search engine referred visitors, enjoy!

The United Kingdom

77211112 Where in the world are the proactive musicians? As we can see from the heat map opposite, there is a clear North / South divide in musicians visiting The Musician’s Guide website from search engines.

The music scene is far more competitive in the south (particularly London), so musicians are pushed to know more about succeeding in the music industry in order to compete. Also, the majority of specialised music colleges are based in London; therefore many musicians will be attracted to these areas.

The United States

usamusicians Where in the world are the proactive musicians? Our second largest source of traffic is from the United States, in particular New York and California.

When we look a little closer at the heat map of California (below) we can see that the majority of visitors are from San Francisco and Los Angeles – the two biggest cities in California.

As these visitors are only from search engines, this suggests that the most proactive musicians (those actively searching for music industry resources) in California are from these two competitive major cities.

So does this loosely imply that the common perception of ‘if you live in London or New York you have a better chance of breaking into the music industry?’ is true? Maybe it does to an extent – although we can’t base such broad statements on a relatively small sample of data, the fact that we can safely assume that musicians in major cities are more proactive on the internet means they are ultimately more likely to meet new contacts, find the best music industry resources and have stronger online networks (Myspace, Facebook etc.), this is just a natural result of being in a more competitive market – survival of the fittest.

That said, we are talking in terms of averages, so overall, musicians in London are more proactive in becoming successful musicians than those living in North Yorkshire, for example. However, a musician from North Yorkshire could be more proactive than a musician from London. We are also fighting against population density here (there are more people living in London than North Yorkshire), but this still tells us that regardless of proportion, there are more musicians searching for music industry related information in London than North Yorkshire and I would say that the figures out weigh the population density difference.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this data and my controversial conclusions – do you have any explanations why you think certain states or counties may be so popular? Let me know in the comments below : )

Note – Data is collected using Google Analytics which does not disclose any personal information or exact visitor locations (The image of California shows the furthest you can zoom in).
Image credit: Si1very

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