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What is the Best Guitar Tuner?

Having a reliable guitar tuner is a necessity for guitarists, as even the slightest bit of intonation can have major impacts on how the song you’re playing sounds. Fortunately, there are a large variety of great electronic guitar tuners out there (and lots of not-so-good ones too). Here are our pick of the best guitar tuners out there for guitarists with different requirements.

Korg GT 4 (The Best all rounder)
This guitar tuner is a brilliant all rounder, and was my personal choice for several years. The tuner has great battery life, brilliant accuracy, it’s built like a tank, and it’s not too expensive. If you’re a regular performing musician and you need a good guitar tuner that will get you through the evenings in tune, this is my personal recommendation.
Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Guitar Pedal (The Best F/X pedal style)
If you’ve built up a nice collection of effects pedals, then it might seem silly to buy an extra gadget for your guitar rig that doesn’t fit tidily on your pedal board. The Boss TU-3 guitar pedal tuner has incredible accuracy and is used by a lot of professional touring guitarists.
Korg CA1 Chromatic Tuner (The cheap and cheerful option)
If you don’t want to spend too much on a guitar tuner and just want one that will tick you over nicely, then the TUNER is the perfect guitar tuner for you. For under a tenner this guitar tuner does what it says on the tin. It has surprisingly good accuracy, durability and it won’t break the bank.
Behringer BTR 2000 Rack Mount Tuner (The most professional)
If you’re really looking to go down the professional route and can’t afford to be out of tune during your performances, the rack mount tuner by Behringer is a clear choice. This guitar tuner is used by the likes of Minus One and scores top marks on durability, usability, accuracy, low signal to noise ratio, and everything else you’d possibly desire to be in the perfect guitar tuner.
Korg AW2G Clip-on Chromatic Guitar Tuner (The best clip on style tuner)
If you’re the kind of musician who already has too many cables in your guitar rig then a clip on guitar tuner like the Korg AW 2G might be the perfect tuner for you. It attaches straight onto your guitar’s headstock and has a nice backlit screen to make tuning your guitar a piece of cake.

Tips for keeping your guitar in tune

It’s important to keep your guitar strings new and fresh to make sure they sound great and stay in tune for longer. When you put new strings on your guitar ensure you stretch them by lifting them from the fretboard to prevent them stretching when they’re settling in. Also, be sure to buy a good string cleaner to remove the natural oils that are transferred from your fingers when playing guitar.

Finally, ensure the nut and bridge on your guitar are in good shape, and if keeping your guitar in tune for prolonged periods of time then consider buying a guitar with locking tuners or a locking bridge.

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