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Uploading Your Music to iTunes with Ditto Music: Walkthrough + Competition!

Last month I wrote a blog post called Which Music Distribution Service Rocks the Most, in which I reviewed my new favourite music distributor: Ditto Music. A few weeks after my review I was contacted by Lee Parsons at Ditto Music who explained that they had significantly improved their system since my first experience and invited me to try out the service again. So below is my step-by-step experience of uploading your music to iTunes with my thoughts at each stage, enjoy!

Step 1. The Home Page

My thoughts: This is great! The home page tells me exactly what I need to know, doesn’t distract me with any gimmicks and clearly explains what I need to do next; sign up now.

Step 2. Become a Member

My Thoughts: Again, a really nice simple registration process and I like that I didn’t even have to wade through my email to verify my account – I’m in in under 30 seconds.. Things are looking good!

Step 3. Fill Out Your Song Details

My Thoughts: Uh oh! While I understand that there is a lot of information that needs to be inputed to distribute a song, this form does look quite intimidating and long, but it is simple and easy to fill out so no biggie.

Step 4. Confirm Your Details

My Thoughts: Every thing looks good, confirm.

Step 5. Upload Your Music

My Thoughts: Hey! It’s time to upload my song, but I can only use a java application.. doh! I’m going to have to reinstall Java (yes, that’s right – I didn’t have Java installed..fail). What I would love to see here is a ‘simple upload’ button where you can just locate the file on your hard drive in the same interface that your computer uses normally.

Step 6. Wait..

My Thoughts: Waiting.. waiting.. 40mb WAV files don’t like moving fast, I should have gone with the 320kbps MP3 (my bad!)

Step 7. Add Song Details

My Thoughts: De ja vu. Luckily it’s only a few quick forms.

Step 8. Choose Your Stores

My Thoughts: The variety here is great, I think it could be made easier to select a large number of stores quickly but for this test I just hit the iTunes checkbox and head over to the final stage.

Step 9. Pay For Your Release

My Thoughts: Easy, Cheap and in a few days later I’ll be able to see the song on iTunes, wahey!

Overall Thoughts

Although not perfect, Ditto Music looks like it has made some enormous improvements since I first used it and as a result are becoming the music distributor of choice for many musicians. I really like the unique features that they offer like including PRS / MCPS royalties in your payments and would recommend giving some of the other features a spin such as ‘create your own label’ – interesting huh :-)

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In 2013, Marcus Taylor won the award for 'Young Visionary of the Year' at MIDEM. Marcus is passionate about marketing and the music industry, and has consulted to some of the biggest names in the music industry through his agency, Venture Harbour. Marcus founded this website in 2009, and has reached over half a million musicians ever since.


  • Lee says:

    Hi “Luis”
    Apologies Marcus but one of our competitors post this ridiculous comment every time we get press, which has been a lot lately :)

    Royaltyshare is the accounts software that we use for our artists. It is the most well established and most intricate software worldwide , being used by several of the majors.
    Its gives you a full breakdown of sales analytics right down to the second it was bought in each country around the world. It is free for all of our customers and has 24 hour access

    We have all of our own contracts and service the highest number of stores out of any distributor.
    Steven, sorry “Louis” would already know all this though as i have answered the same post on around 4 different sites now. It is just a shame that he doesnt understand what Royaltyshare is , as its an integral part of the music business

    If anyone has any questions regarding digital distribution just drop us an email at [email protected]
    We have had 7 UK top 40 singles, ALL with unsigned artists , and we are always looking for more!


  • Mr.Will says:

    My tunes went up quickly – I signed on a Saturday and the tunes were on Itunes and Amazon on the Monday! I havent been able to see any sales or stats, but I imagine that comes when the companies release the information to ditto. Its been good for me anyway

  • Mr.Will says:

    My release also hasn't had any sales according to Ditto – I have only the word of people who mailed me to say they bought it however, I dont know how many actually have bought it. I must admit though I do have alot of trouble accessing the sales data – I have no idea where it is on the site, have you any ideas?

    • Lee Parsons says:

      Sales are on your dashboard. It may be that iTunes havent accounted for that period yet. We always pay on the 20th , which is when the iTunes accounts come on. So check then and thanks for using Ditto Music!

  • Lee Parsons says:

    Hey Guys
    Thanks for all the comments. Im glad that people are enjoying using the service and to Mr Will. Thats great that everything went through smoothly. The stores actually report your sales around 6-8 weeks after the transaction is made. As soon as that happens we publish your reports into your online accounts. You can then pay yourselves straight away.
    Regarding support. We have telephone support on two continents. Our US office is open 10-6 as is our UK Liverpool office. Feel free to call us at any time. We also have email and skype support.
    Regarding the person who said that they were waiting on April sales reports. These went into your account on the 20th June. We always put them in on the 20th as that is the day they come into us.
    I can understand the frustration of waiting on sales but i guarantee you that we put them in as soon as we get the data from stores.

    We have been upgrading the system recently and have added great new features. This includes completely FREE itunes distribution. Weekly chart trending reports. Record label packs and loads more great features.
    As well as this we have put on stages at events like SXSW, Liverpool Music Week and have upcoming events at Canadian Music Week and Nashville.
    We also just signed our first artist “The Horror Vacui” who are currently recording their debut single with a named producer. 
    We want more success with unsigned artists and we will continue working tirelessy until this happens

    If anyone has any questions then feel free to direct them straight to me.
    We welcome all feedback and thanks again for using Ditto services

    [email protected]:disqus .com

    • Jon Tieszen says:

      Can you put someone at the US office so that I can talk to them?  I have emailed twice to the “support”, left 2 phone messages and called 7 or 8 times over the past week with absolutely no response.  Also, my song is still not on iTunes and and I can’t communicate with anyone to find out why.  If I could talk with someone or at least get an email response I could correct a potential problem but as it is I don’t even know if there is one.  Please advise.

  • James People says:

    Ditto Music are excellent. Our music went on to iTunes in around 2 hours. Why would the support team call you? I have called the office a few times to get some advice about bundling and publishing info and they have been great. I fail to believe any of these comments hold any weight to them,
    None of the commenters have mentioned a link to their music or even their own name. 
    I dont know ANYone who is unhappy with Ditto and it seems like rival distributors have way too much time on their hands. 

  • Mr.Will says:

    Today I got some sales figures through in my ditto account.
    I put the release up in mid June, so we're talking 8-12 weeks for sales figures to come through from Itunes, Amazon stores etc.
    So now, having been through the whole process – signing to ditto, uploading, having my tunes go public, and seeing sales data start to come through – all I can say is Ditto has been 100% fantastic. Everything was easy, and the staff responded very quickly to me (getting my barcode images for my CD release).

    I did have worries because sales data wasn't showing up, but having not done this before I just didnt know how long stores take to get data back to you. Having worked with other royalty systems before (waited 9 months to a year for some other stuff to come through! Not online music, but scores for a play), Id say this is pretty quick and thorough.

    So a big vote of confidence for Ditto from me!


  • I submitted an album on Jan 2nd. The staff returned to work on the 3rd. It’s now Jan 9th and my material is not listed anywhere. If and when the status of my album changes, I will follow up on this comment. Right now I’mnot impressed in the slightest.

    • Lee Parsons says:

      Hey Jon
      Although we return to work on the 3rd, iTunes don’t, which is why it can take longer for them to process around the christmas period. The are closed for around two weeks.Im guessing this was processed once they returned.VBR

  • Limitlessoblivion says:

    Ditto Music were first class with our music release. There is a big difference in costs and extra fees with other distributors. CDbaby for example take 9% of earnings and charge you for a barcode. Tunecore charge $50 per year just for two tracks to be online.
    I spent a long time evaluating the different services and i am glad to say that everything with Ditto worked out brilliantly. Would definitely recommend

  • Spencer says:

    The wife and I are using Ditto. There seemed to be a problem with our first release, and customer service never got back to us about it so that’s a big minus there. It never went live in any store. Since the service is relatively cheap we just tried again and it worked just fine and now my wife’s song is live on all the stores we signed up for. Waiting for sales reports is frustrating, it’s been up for about 7 weeks now but after finding this page I’ll wait until the 20th before gettin up in arms about it. Overall I’d say the actual site is solid but they desperately need to get a (better?) team behind customer service as its fairly abysmal through email and the hours for the phone line are extremely inconvenient for customers in the states. I’d still recommend you use it if you’re patient and not in a hurry to track sales

    • Lee Parsons says:

      Hi Spencer.
      We always pay out on the 20th which is when money comes in from iTunes. iTunes however pay 6-8 weeks behind so depending on when you uploading you could be waiting 7 weeks. Rest assured though that all of those sales are put into your account straight away without any waiting periods. In fact we are one of the only distributors that i know of that doesnt keep your money in our account, it goes straight out


      • Davedredd says:

        HI.. its now the 25th and I am still waiing for my sales report from Ditto.. i have mailed and tried the online contact form, but nobody replies. I have had a terrible experience with Ditto and WILL NOT BE USING THEM AGAIN. 


        David Pemberton

      • RockDa says:

        I did not get paid a penny! You are a real crook. Stop working for ditto music, find a real job instead of working for scammers like Ditto Music. go work in mcdonalds lol

  • Rocky Jack says:

    First, I will start with the uploading process to DittoMusic, the site was very user friendly and helped me along every step of the way. I started the upload of all my songs, walked away, and in an hour they had all uploaded. I was also given the option to rename and reorder my songs once they where uploaded.
    Second, was the delivery to iTunes. I have seen a few reviews that say they did not get their music on iTunes when DittoMusic said they would, but my album was up on iTunes three days before they told me it would be!
    And lastly, getting your money. I have had a very good experience with Tunecore and withdrawing my money, it does take a month and a half from someone purchasing before you get your money, but they have trend reports where you can see who bought your music that are updated every Wednesday. I am really happy with DittoMusic friendly services, Thank you DittoMusic

    • Jhonson2in1 says:

      My experience with all the DittoMusic purchase and services were excellent. All that i required have been fullfilled and the customer service support team is friendly and efficient.

    • Midnightmare says:

       They give you fast and great service and work to help you get your music to the public.

  • Eyespine says:

    Overall, I had a very good experience. The website was easy to navigate and my producer was able to send my music fairly easy.

  • MadL0Ver says:

    DittoMusic it’s the future man. DittoMusic is a fair and user friendly way of getting your music out on the world-wide-web, and I mean WORLDWIDE! I’m a user for life, or at least till something better comes along, like beaming my music directly into peoples heads.

  • Billiardbill says:

    I’m very excited to be a part of DittoMusic I’ve heard about it before but I was directed to your site from UkMusicForum web site and service I joined immediately because it made sense to me to do so and I’ve been very happy every since. I also took advantage of the Universal Mastering service and they did an excellent job on mastering my entire album they know what they are doing. And now that I know that I’ll have my music sold to the world via all the site’s that DittoMusic offers to an independent record company and artist has really changed my life. Thank you to the staff at DittoMusic.

  • ChuliaMai says:

    Ditto music is an excellent service. I highly recommend it to any music artist whom wants to distribute their material to a wide audience at a variety of internet stores. The discounts that they can offer thru their relationship with other service providers in duplication, mixing, mastering, and internet radio are also incredibly valuable. Ditto you really doing great job keep it up!!!

  • LarryB says:

    DittoMusic helped me get my music out there in a fast an easy way i will continue to use DittoMusic in the future. 

  • Clark Mike says:

    No complaints. All information necessary was available at ditto music site. No issues with interface or safety. Thanks.

  • Fredrik Andersson says:

    Ditto Music sucks. I have done three releases. The first one in july last year. Have gotten ONE single accounting on one track. The track I released in July have been on the top lists on Swedish iTunes and have loads of plays on Spotify so I know there is royalties to be collected. Have contacted them several times about this. Got answers in the beginning that they are looking in to it but after a while they stopped answering. I would go with Tunecore instead much better on all areas. http://www.tunecore.com

  • Mark Jiggens says:

    Unfortunately to suggest that the negative comments about Ditto are simply sour grapes from competitors is as unlikely as it is untrue. I’ve been with Ditto almost since they started. For me I thought it was going to be the answer to all my prayers. They were the only distributor to offer so many of the services and seemed to have a great, pro-active, forward looking attitude. Unfortunately, over 2 years of persevering later I am at the point of giving up and going with someone else. Over 50% of all my releases have had problems of one sort or another – ranging from a total lack of delivery to any platform (as an experiment I left it to see how long it would take for them to sort it – a year later and a demand for “renewal” later I’m still waiting) to the most worrying which is a “total lack of sales”, as in 0, even though I know, and am now having to collect documentary evidence in the form of iTunes receipts to the contrary. This is the most worry of all the problems because it comes down to a matter of trust. If I have some releases that aren’t clocking any sales – how many other mistake are creeping in to the figures for other releases? I assumed their back-end would be computerised and automated – it seems not. So is it just the odd stack of paperwork that goes missing – or are the releases not set up correctly, though they are set up correctly enough to ask for renewal payments…. Who knows? I can’t get any answers. Lots of the stuff on the website doesn’t work properly and the stuff that does work will probably get broken next time they do an update – I really have lost count of the time I get some weird script error when I try to do something. The latest one is I can’t request a payment for the charity record I recently did because the “request payment” button simply generates a huge code error. I have told them – they said it was fixed – it isn’t. It’s embarrassing as I can’t pay the charity. I have now request – via the website – that they take down all my releases – that was over 10 weeks ago – of course, nothing has happened as yet – apart from another load of renewal demands – this seems to be the one part of there website that works really well. They never reply to emails or contact form – you have to phone to stand any chance – and then quite often nothing get’s sorted. It’s such as shame because the potential was and still is so great – I don’t think there’s any malice or scamming going on as such – but a complete lack of quality control and competence is making it unusable as a service. And no, I’m not an angry competitor, I’m Mark Jiggens and I run a small studio, label and publishing company and have been in the business for over 20 years.

    • Jason Sanders says:

      Agreed! Ready above. They’re all about low quality services but high volume signings! No thanks in my book. I’m not here to boost anyone elses business either however we’re teamed up with a distributor that hands down is above the rest today and the quality of services and customer service is incomparable. We won’t use Ditto again

  • Joey says:

    We did a ton of research and found the best value for distribution is MondoTunes.
    Those guys flat out have the best services, customer service and overall distribution. They reach around 800 stores across the world. There’s never been a time where we reached out and didn’t get a response or call within a very short time. Give them a go! http://www.mondotunes.com

  • bennmusica says:

    Stay away from ditto music. they r all noobs and really ripping musicians off by scamming with their ads. i had singles out with them and it was such a pain n took so long to have it up on itunes. no customer service, they lack professionalism n no work ethics and have no business standard. website is a piece of you know what. try any other services but this uk based company full of crooks

  • Jason Sanders says:

    We’re a record label that has spent countless hours with different distributors and the number 1 trait that sticks out with Ditto is that they focus and spend MUCH more time on their online marketing (SEO efforts) than to satisfy artists. Try emailing Ditto and the small number of other distributors. THey’re always the last to respond (if you get one). They boost hundreds of retailers but only reach around 17. I’m not here to down talk anyones company, just simply stating facts. Ditto, obsessing solely over increasing the number of artists and provide better customer service. You guys are lacking worst than all others. Increased artists will come simply from great feedback and recommendations. Its a small industry at the end of the day, play it right. So far, you’ve got an “F” rating from us (and many others).