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Selling Your Music on Facebook With OneRPM

Over the past few months i’ve been mega busy researching the best tools & services to include in the epic deal that launches on September 1st. Back in June, I had a conversation with Emmanuel Zunz, who is the founder of a website called OneRPM – a hybrid music distribution / direct-to-fan marketing platform. After hearing Emmanuel’s vision for the site and having a play around, I decided it was something worth sharing here on The Musician’s Guide.

Compared to five years ago, there are so many distribution companies popping up here and there, so when I first saw OneRPM my first question was how is OneRPM different to Tunecore, Ditto, CDBaby, and all of the other music distribution companies around? The difference is that OneRPM takes a small percentage of sales, in return for offering a very hands-on approach to help bands market their music.

This is quite interesting, because many distributors boast that the artist keeps 100% of their royalties, and then the distributor does little to help the artist promote their music. With OneRPM it’s almost as if you’re hiring a marketer with your distribution service for just 15% of your sales income. I don’t think this is necessarily cost effective for major artists who shift 10,000s of tracks, but for the small DIY artists this is almost certainly likely to work out more cost effective.

Anyway, that’s enough speculation – I decided to try OneRPM’s Facebook Music service myself and post a walk-through so that you can see exactly what everything looks like.

Step 1. Choosing an Account

Nothing unusual here – I selected an artist account, which appears to be free and allows me to keep 85% of my royalties.

Step 2. Signing Up

Again, nothing unusual here – I do like that they’ve kept this basic though, some distributors require you to fill out full album and song release information when signing up, which can be quite over-whelming and time consuming. I also like the Facebook Connect feature here, very handy.

Step 3. The Dashboard

After a smooth email verification, I end up on this page. At first glance it appears very clean and basic with everything I’d want to know when logging in – sales and my release information. At this stage i’m not sure if there are any analytics, but it’d be cool to see sales information presented on a graph over time (so that I can spot any unusual peaks in sales etc).

Step 4. Creating an Album

After clicking around to try and find out how to sell my music on Facebook I realise that I first have to create an album, which appears to be a pretty long 7-step process. Here goes…

Step 5. Choosing the Pricing

The 7 step form isn’t as long as I had expected and I manage to get to the sixth step in just a few minutes, where i’m prompted to select my pricing model. I really like the fact that you can offer your music free of charge and tick a box that requires fans to provide their email address in return for a song download – a very powerful little tool for building your mailing.

Step 6. Choosing the Stores

I finally arrive to the page which shows the different stores that I can distribute to. It appears that all of the stores cost $1.99 to distribute to (which is pretty good), excluding the OneRPM store & Facebook which are free. Although you can’t see it in this screenshot, I like that they’ve included a delivery schedule on this page which shows when you can expect your song to appear on the stores.

Step 7. Getting My Facebook Store

Unfortunately, because I was rushing through this process I didn’t realise that you have to wait a bit of time to get USC codes generated (or a manual review) – i’m not entirely sure, but for some reason I can’t create a Facebook Store in my account yet. However, once this has happened, this is what a OneRPM Facebook Store looks like when added to your page.

I quite like the clean design of these apps. Compared to some of similar Facebook App Stores for bands, it’s very sleek and not as heavily branded with the maker’s logo & style, which is nice.

If you’ve used OneRPM before, i’d be keen to hear your experiences in the comments below. If you want to give OneRPM a shot, just head over to www.onerpm.com and you can sign up for a free account!

All the best,

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