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Sound Around – the new iPhone app for Musicians

Last week I was contacted by the friendly guys from Sound Around who develop iPhone apps for musicians and we had a chat over Skype about the apps and how they are beneficial to marketing music artists.

sound around

Here is a video that briefly sums up what their apps do.

The way I see it is the apps that they develop for musicians are like a profile hub for your music where fans can find out where you’re performing, buy tickets to your shows, download your music, view pictures of you and much more, all from an iPhone.

But lets face it, the ability to have a one stop hub of your artists music is nothing particularly innovative or worth getting excited over. So why am I writing about it? iPhone apps and Android apps are a rapidly developing market that is getting more and more popular by the day and there is an apparent shift from fans using online profiles such as Myspace and Reverbnation to using portable apps to keep up to date with their favourite artists on the move, so it really is something that as musicians we shouldn’t let pass us by.

I asked Steve from Sound Around what he thought were the most powerful features of the app were and what value the app adds for musicians, he replied:

For a band, being accessible on a mobile device can be a huge asset. In today’s music scene, bands simply won’t be successful if they are just selling their music. They have to sell themselves around it. In other words, they have to create an experience centered around their band if they want to make it. Music is the core of their brand, but fans aren’t settling for just music anymore.

Finally, I asked him if the app is likely to be developed and if so how are they planning on extending the functionality to benefit musicians.

We have some really amazing things in development. Developing for the Android platform is something that’s definitely on our immediate radar. We have some other things in the works that we’re trying to keep “hush hush” but I can assure you that in the next 3-4 months we’re going to be making some serious waves in this space. When one of the best ways for bands to interact with their fans is limited to 140 characters of text you know something is wrong. I’ll leave it at that for now but we’re going to knock down some serious barriers that stand in the way of bands truely being able to interact with their fans.

Thanks guys, if you have any experience with other iPhone / Android apps for managing your music then i’d love to hear what they are, please share below :)


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