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How To Get Rid Of Writer’s Block

This is a guest post by Mark Spacey

A songwriter sits over the table with a notebook and pen in hand. He keeps scratching his head, maybe as a way of reigniting his creative juices. Something keeps bugging him; it is month end and the rent is due. The problem is that he is flat broke and is staring at the stark possibility of eviction. This issue has been predominant in his mind. Song-writing has become an arduous task because he cannot think creatively.

This scenario is indicative of musical writers block. Most musical writers have at one time found that their creative juices cannot flow. Such songwriters encounter a lot of distractions that inhibit their ability to conjure up a good song. Writers block can also emanate from fear of failure, the ghosts of past failures, illnesses and searching for shortcuts.

The good thing is that songwriters in such situations can eliminate writers block. The strategies involved in curing this unpleasant scenario are simple to formulate. Examples of such helpful tips include:

1. Relaxation
Songwriters can get their creative juices flowing again by taking some time to relax. It is important for them to rest adequately and relieve themselves of work pressure. A visit to the beach would surely do them good by easing their minds. Alternatively, stressed musical writers can take a vacation to their favourite tourist destinations. Here, the vantage location will erase bad memories or stressful thoughts off their minds. When they get back to writing, they will feel refreshed. Taking trips could also furnish them with song-writing ideas.

2. Tackling pertinent issues
Writers who are straining under the weight of undue stresses can get rid of this baggage by solving their issues. For example, those who have undergone a terrible divorce can erase these thoughts by visiting a counsellor. Tackling the problems head-on will provide closure at the earliest opportunity. The sooner they get over the pain, the quicker they will regain their creative ingenuity.

3. Listening to music
Listening to music can pick out the lock that prevents creativity from coming out. By listening to their favourite genres, songwriters can also stumble upon a great idea for their song. It could be a starting point for knitting a well-composed musical piece. Music is like food to the soul; it nourishes the soul and brings much-needed solace. A relaxed soul is essentially crucial in penning a quality musical piece.

4. Engaging in physical exercises
Physical exercises have the ability to improve self-esteem and rid the mind of stressful thoughts. Writers with low self-esteem find it hard to construct wonderful lyrics off their brains. Physical exercises can unclog the brain and allow creative juices to flow. Also, writers can engage in their favourite sports when they encounter a writer’s block. Sometimes, a game of basketball or soccer can tweak the brain into producing poetic strands of musical lyrics.

5. Socializing with friends and family
Musical writers can also avoid unproductive thoughts by taking some time off to socialise. Immersing oneself in lengthy song-writing sessions can stem the steady supply of creative content. Having fun with friends and family can prove refreshing to the mind. Also, these friends are good sources of ideas for a new music. For example, an experience while having fun at the club could form the basis for a potential chart-topper.

It may seem unbelievable but some of the past and present hit singles could have come after a period of writers block. It is a problem that nests even some of the most renowned songwriters. Fortunately, musical writers can tackle it effectively and recapture their writing ingenuity in no time.

Mark works as a music sample producer at Dance Midi Samples, After producing many music sample packs, Mark now shares is years of experience with others through guides and tutorials while offering free midi samples for the next generation of producers.

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