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Facebook Advertising for Musicians

If I told you that you could have an advert promoting your music to 100,000’s of people who listen to your genre of music, live in towns you’re performing in or work in the music industry for less than the cost of a portion of chips you’d probably think I was joking, but this is exactly what Facebook advertising can do for musicians.

So, How Can Musicians Use Facebook Advertising?

Facebook allows you to target who sees your advert by Location, Language, Interests, Age, Gender, Relationship Status, Company, Education Network or Facebook Fan Page networks. Here are a few ways that I have come up with that you could use Facebook Advertising for to market your self as an artist. I’m sure there are many more creative ways so please feel free to comment your ideas below if you have any.

Targeting people who work in the music industry

Estimated Reach: There are 1,100 people from UK aged 17-45 who work at EMI, EMI Music Canada, EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Warner Bros Records, Sony Music Entertainment, or Capitol Records.

Targeting people who like similar artists or genres

Estimated Reach: There are 295,140 people who live in the UK aged 17-45 who like acoustic music, jack johnson, ben harper, james morrisson, listen to music, acoustic songs, acoustic love songs, damian rice, summer music festivals, summer music, or chillout music.

Targeting people from towns you are performing in that enjoy live music

Estimated Reach: There are 520 people from Oxford, UK aged 17-45 who like going to gigs, seeing live bands, seeing bands, live music, or watching bands.

The Facts & Figures

I decided to run a test to show impression volumes (number of times the advert is shown), click through rates and the costs of advertising, and as you can see below my test advert received over 30,000 impressions costing $2.52. Although there were only 5 click-throughs I would argue that this is still great in terms of branding.

How to get started

When it comes to setting up a Facebook advertising campaign there are a few decisions you will need to make such as whether to use a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) vs. CPC (cost per click) payment system.


There is no right or wrong answer here, however it is advisable to run a CPC test first to collect data and then use the formula below to work out whether a CPM model would work out as more cost effective.

Maximum CPM = CPC x click through rate x 1000

I would advise you to first decide exactly what the aim of your advert is (do you want people to click through to a website? Or is it just to raise awareness of your artist name?) If you only want to raise awareness then it might be more cost effective to use a CPC payment scheme and simply deterring clicks by not making the advert too compelling to click through. Conversely, if you are running a campaign where you want clicks then it may be cheaper to use a CPM model and use a very compelling advert.

The Image

Did you know that Facebook doesn’t censor the images in Facebook adverts? Which means that you can use your image to add extra text if you can’t fit it all in the amount of characters you’re given in the ad text section.

I would recommend using images with highly contrasting colours or something visually striking to attract attention to your advert. Also, if you are using a picture of a person in your advert remember that showing the opposite sex to the person viewing the advert almost always increases the click through rate, so it may be worth sectioning your advert into two different campaigns, one showing a picture of a female to males and one showing a picture of a male to females.

The Advert Text

How do you sell your music to a potential fan who’s never heard of you in under 30 words? Why not create a link between your music to an artist they know, or you could use your ‘elevator pitch’ to intrigue them.

Example:“Are you a fan of Incubus? Then you’d love band X. Click here to download the latest single by band X for free.”

If you have any more questions about Facebook Advertising please add them in the comments box below.

Thanks :)

Image Credit: Flickr

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