Questions & Answers

How does this work?
This offer lasts for 100 hours from January 7th until January 12th. During these 100 hours you can purchase the package (containing over $379 worth of music promotion tools and savings) for just $29.

Is it really over after 100 hours?
Unfortunately so. On January 12th at 12pm midday (GMT) payment will be disabled and no more orders will be able to be placed. No ifs, or buts.

How do I receive everything in the package?
Everything in this pack comes in a downloadable folder, so when your payment is completed, you will be directed to a page where you can download everything, including all of the discount codes & information on how to claim them. You will also receive an email linking you to this page.

I'm from Australia / Canada / The USA, will this work for me?
Yes - we've worked hard to make this package valuable to musicians all over the World.

Who's Behind This? is headed up by Marcus Taylor, a musician and marketer who has been running The Musician's Guide for over 3 years to help musicians learn how to build their fanbase. You can follow Marcus on Twitter here.

Is this legit? Do you have permission to sell everything in this package?
Yes. This deal is completely legit & we have full support from everyone involved.

Does anything in this package expire?
Yes - although we've persuaded the contributors to make their offers valid for as long as possible. Almost all of the discounts in this package last for at least 12 months giving you plenty of time to use them.

Who is this package aimed at?
If you're writing great music, but you're struggling to get your music heard by the right people, this package is for you. There's no quick path to success as an artist, but there are tools and opportunities that can save you time & money on your journey. That's what this package is all about - helping you as an artist to leverage the opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

How big of a download is the package?
40MB. If you get stuck downloading the package, let us know and we can send it over to you in smaller chunks.

How did you put this together?
Most of the contributors are companies who we've built special relationships with over the years, so they were happy to be involved when we told them about the package.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we want happy customers who will benefit from the opportunities included in this package. If you buy this package and aren't satisfied, email us within 7 days and we'll refund your money. No questions asked

Will you run another deal like this?
Most likely - but not for another six months or so.

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