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A Guide to Clearing Music Samples

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Over the past few months, i’ve received a lot of questions on the topic of sample clearance, and while I do have some limited experience in clearing samples, I thought i’d ask my friend Juan Lopez, a legal advisor at music & media law firm Avenant Law and co-founder of MusicLawContracts.com, whether he could share his expertise on sample clearance with you. Fortunately he said yes, and without further ado, here’s his nuggets of wisdom! The key principles of sample clearance Sampling is a form of copying someone else’s music (sound recording and underlying composition) Only use a sample with…

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5 Myths About Music Industry Law

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This is a guest post written by Juan Lopez, a legal consultant at Avenant Law, and co-founder of www.musiclawcontracts.com. The purpose of this blog post is to clarify several common misconceptions about music industry law that are often discussed amongst musicians on the internet. MYTH 1: Songs must be registered for the copyright to be protected Copyright is an automatic right of the author… meaning that as soon as you make a tangible copy of a work (i.e a recording of your song or a transcript of some lyrics) – then you own the copyright. Although the common practice of…

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360 Deals – Getting the Best Out of Them

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360 deals have come around as the recording labels response to three major trends in the music industry in recent years: (1) the steady decline of revenue from records sales, (2) the increase in prices of tickets to live events and fan expenditure on merchandise and (3) the strengthening of the capabilities of the collecting societies and publishers getting better at their roles which translates in income from public performance and synchronization becoming more and more significant. It is becoming the norm nowadays that if labels are going sign/extent a record deal they would be willing to do it only…

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