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How Important is Gaming to the Music Industry?

By | Music Industry News | 3 Comments

It’s pretty much accepted within the music industry community that gaming is one of the big opportunities that record labels are going to be getting more involved with over the next few years, but it seems that the four majors are worried that they’re going to have to settle for suboptimal deals for one reason.. There is a huge supply of music and (relatively) small demand, so even if major record labels refused to provide content at a cheap licensing fee, game developers can easily go elsewhere for equally great music. This is worstened by the fact that the gaming…

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The Psychology of Music

By | Music Industry News | 5 Comments

What is it that makes humans natural lovers of music? Hard wired genetics, or a quality that we develop through constantly being exposed to sounds? This question has been bugging me for a while now and over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to meet several psychologists who have managed to give me a few very interesting answers..

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Where in the world are the proactive musicians?

By | Music Industry News | 2 Comments

Over the years I have heard many musicians say things like “We need to get on the London music scene to get our music noticed” and while this may seem obvious due to the larger number of music venues and music industry contacts in this area, there appears to be an online trend too, suggesting that musicians in major cities are more proactive in searching for musician resources and information about the music industry online.

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What does christmas mean to the music industry?

By | Music Industry News | 7 Comments

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without all the joyful carols and Christmas tunes playing on the radio, in the shops and in the streets during the festive months. Most of us are probably quite aware that these songs make us feel good and perhaps more relaxed than usual, but there are a few people who I bet are far more aware of this than your average Marcus Taylor.. Shop owners, collection societies, bars, hotels, record labels, hairdressing salons.. the list is as long as it is diverse. These companies know that people spend more money around the holiday season,…

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