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An Introduction to Splitgigs – a Gig Sharing Social Platform for Musicians

After first hearing about Splitgigs from my friends at Top of the Ox, and then again over lunch with the guys at Ditto Music I decided to check out Splitgigs to see what all the fuss was about. I assumed it would be just another mediocre start-up with no real value to musicians, but thankfully I was proved wrong – their service is frickin’ awesome!

What do Splitgigs do?

So it’s basically a neat little site that allows bands to share gigs – I say you can play at my gig, in return for a slot at your gig, simples.

When I saw this site i had a bit of a “why didn’t I think of that!” moment, because the concept is so simple yet potentially incredibly and genuinely useful to musicians. I guess I was just very surprised by its freshness (I swear the all the music industry start ups in the past year have been either smart phone applications, fan-funding platforms, or ad-supported music streaming platforms!)

Anyway, I got in contact with Splitgigs as I was interested in hearing exactly what they considered they were bringing to the table for unsigned and independent musicians.

SplitGigs hopes to offer a dedicated solution that allows musicians to find easier live gigs to play and give them the possibility to share not just the stage, but a beautiful experience. The key concept is SHARING, we are on a SHA-RE-VOLUTION.
– Sem, Splitgigs

Sounds reasonable :)

So How Does it Work?

Step 1. You Type in Where You’re Looking for a Gig
Okay, so they’re lacking gigs in some areas (I typed in Oxford and the first result was a gig in Plymouth over 300 miles away!) but i’ll give them a break as they have only recently launched!

find gigs to split An Introduction to Splitgigs   a Gig Sharing Social Platform for Musicians

Step 2. Find Gigs That Would be Suitable and Click Through to Contact the Artist
This is all pretty straight forward and as you’d expect – gigs ordered by date with all the information you need and a drop down menu to select the distance you’re willing to travel.

gigs available An Introduction to Splitgigs   a Gig Sharing Social Platform for Musicians

Step 3. Find out More About the Gig and Contact the Artist
And then this is where the magic happens. You can find out all about the artist, what gigs they have lined up, how many gigs they’ve shared, and you can of course contact them to request to share a gig here.

mad hatter artist page An Introduction to Splitgigs   a Gig Sharing Social Platform for Musicians

My verdict

Although I haven’t really used the site from an artists perspective, the idea is really cool and I think if the site gets enough gigs and enough artists using it then it could become an absolutely incredible tool for piecing together tours and also building relationships with other bands in a really efficient and effortless approach.

Props to Splitgigs! :)

About Marcus Taylor

In 2013, Marcus Taylor won the award for 'Young Visionary of the Year' at MIDEM. Marcus is passionate about marketing and the music industry, and has consulted to some of the biggest names in the music industry through his agency, Venture Harbour. Marcus founded this website in 2009, and has reached over half a million musicians ever since.

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  • Hey Marcus,

    That’s a great find there. Indeed, it’s a very simple idea, but so useful. Most successful products are simple in nature, but solve a major issue.

    I have yet to use the site as well, keep up the awesome work.


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