A New Way to Find Music Job Opportunities

By in Music Promotion Tips on June 4, 2013

Yesterday, Venture Harbour launched a new project called MusicJobBoard.com, which aims to simplify the process of job hunting and recruiting in the music industry.

music job board A New Way to Find Music Job Opportunities

From the Venture Harbour blog:

There’s certainly no shortage of job boards, nor music specific job boards for that matter, but (IMO) that’s no reason to stop improving what already exists. My personal experiences with the existing job boards have not been the best, and having spoken to others about it, I’m certainly not the only one.

Having had first-hand experience of both sides of music recruitment (an employer and a job hunter), I think this service is much needed. Currently, many of the existing music industry job boards are outdated and aren’t making it easy for people to find job opportunities.

It amazes me on a regular basis that so many friends complain about how there are no jobs in the music industry. No. There are plenty of jobs – 145,000 people in the UK are employed directly by the music industry alone! The real problem is that there is no easy way to see all of the opportunities available in one place. I’m hoping for this to be solved by Music Job Board.

What do you think about having another job board in the music industry?

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